BB Glowtox: Nanoneedling Semi-permanent foundation with Baby Botox

Summer Special $229

2 for $299 (must be 2 weeks apart)

This is an enhancement of the BBglow facial in that it adds botox to the procedure in what is referred to as, “Baby Botox”, a lesser version of injected botox while still providing a smoothing of wrinkles and fine lines. The baby botox treatment will not freeze the muscles and gives a softer appearance while still providing exquisite results. It is applied with the same method of nano-needling as the bbglow facial. For complete information about Liah’s Bbglow facial visit

Benefits of Baby Botox

  • More natural appearance
  • Fewer side effects than regular Botox
  • Retain facial movement
  • Prevent wrinkle formation
  • Release tension in jaw
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