Blossoming Friendship, Business, and the Art of the Eyebrow

Written by Emily Lewis, Microblading Certification Specialist

“Hey, do you know how to logon to the wifi? I’ve never used a mac before… haha!”

“Yeah,” I replied, “You just click here… then here… then put the password in.”

“Thanks! Is it okay if I sit here for this next session?”

“Of course!”

That was what my first ever exchange with Liah Go sounded like about two and a half years ago. We were both completing the same ARL summer training program to become certified as elementary school teachers. Despite hours of stressful seminars, uncertainty about whether or not we had what it took to become teachers, and the competitive nature of the program, we were drawn to each other and became allies that summer.

Since then, Liah and I have developed a magnetic synergy. It was like we had always known each other. It was our destiny to be best friends. The stars had aligned and brought us to each other. As we were getting to know each other professionally through our teaching program, our friendship blossomed. We pretty much do everything together now: travel, discuss our goals and perspectives, teach, empower each other as women, and enjoy as much Las Vegas night-life as we can! (Not to mention, running Brows by Liah together!)

Looking back, it is hard to remember what life was like before Liah and I became best friends. Our best-friend-force is what has enabled us to become successful teachers and run a successful business. Just like our friendship, businesses need to have a strong foundation. That is what Liah and I are prepared to offer you at the Master Blade Academy. Given our passion as educators, we believe that we can offer one of the best and most unique learning experiences for you as you embark on the journey of becoming a microblade artist. Register for our next seminar today!

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