Keto Diet and Microblading

Keto and Microblading 

If you’ve been in my chair then we may have talked about the keto diet. I’m a big fan and have had success with this diet. It hasn’t been rapid success that you may have seen online but I’ve achieved results with longevity, enough results that put me back in a two piece this summer. Keto has become such a trend that I’m actually seeing the healing process or the actual procedure change for clients on the keto diet. 

Many studies have focused their efforts on researching the effects of the keto diet to reduce pain and inflammation. Studies have direct evidence that the keto diet can offer a non-pharmacological option to reduce inflammation and pain (Masino & Ruskin, 2013). What I have noticed in my salon is that clients on an established keto diet heal faster and with less inflammation. It seems that their healing phase is about 48-72 hours more advanced than clients not on a keto diet. Instead of clients scabbing on the fifth-seventh day, they’re actually beginning to flake on the third day. What I’m seeing in my own salon definitely supports many research studies that claim that keto can help heal your body. I also have noticed that clients on the keto diet retain more pigment than clients not on a keto diet. 

I have noticed these benefits for clients that have transitioned to the keto diet for an extended period of time. When transitioning to the keto diet, it can be a rough road. Most refer to onset of transitioning as the keto flu. The keto flu includes symptoms such as irritability, nausea, fatigue, and headache. I had the keto flu for about 2 weeks. The headache was terrible and then one day all my symptoms were gone. Clients that are transitioning to the keto diet are highly sensitive to pain and are irritable. Going through your microblading appointment not feeling well can be a terrible experience. I recommend that clients that are considering the change to the keto diet do so at least 2 months prior to their appointment.This allows your body to transition and gain the benefits of the keto diet during healing. I’ve had many clients go on the keto diet during healing on their first appointment and return on their touch up during their keto flu. This made their healing and procedure more difficult as they were experiencing the keto flu symptoms. It’s important to take note that your diet affects your results as your body breaks the pigment that is deposited. 


Masino, S. A., & Ruskin, D. N. (2013). Ketogenic diets and pain. Journal of child neurology, 28(8), 993–1001. doi:10.1177/0883073813487595

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