Would it be too much to say that these stencils have changed thousands of lives? Definitely not! When I first got into this business, I heard the same thing over and over again. “Liah, I just didn’t get what I wanted from my first artist.” I knew I had to find a way to show my clients different looks and to capture their desired look with balance and proportion. Now you can map your own brows like a professional with MadLuvv Brow stencils.

Give your Brows some MadLuvv

These stencils are unlike any other stencil. The last thing that I want to do is put ink anywhere outside of their natural brow area. The slope, angles, and ratios are literally the best I’ve seen. My clients love their design process, and they even remember the names of their shape which each stencil has its own name. Each shape enhances different features of your face giving you a variety of looks. I’m so excited to share these with everyone. If you’re not into getting your brows inked or you want an easy and quick way to change your look and achieve balance without going crazy free handing your brows; then MadLuvv is for you! The stamp makes it so easy to fill in the stencil, comes in several shades, and lasts all day long. It’s a great way to also explore new looks prior to getting your brows done with permanent makeup.