Booking & Salon Policies


Brows by Liah Booking & Salon Policies 

Appointments may be booked online, phone, email, or FB messenger. Please cancel appointments within 48 hours to avoid a rescheduling fee. Touch ups are scheduled during your first appointment, and you are sent a reminder via text and email. If your contact information changes, please update through the Booking System on the site or just contact salon to receive your reminder. 


Phone: 702-491-2100

Pricing and Specials 

Specials and pricing may change at any time. There are no substitutions, trades, or additional discounts for treatments or packages. Touchup appointments or any appointment part of a package that is missed without notification at least 48 hours prior will pay a rescheduling fee and must reschedule within 12 weeks of first appointment.  All touch ups outside of packages are charged the current touchup fee. 

Appointment Times 

Please arrive at the scheduled time. Arrival 20 minutes late or more may result in cancellation of appointment and forfeit of services. 

Variation of Results 

It is well known that results vary based on individual, skin type, aftercare, lifestyle, and physiological characteristics. At each touchup we evaluate your results and outline our goals for that appointment. Many times touch ups require minimal work whereas others are a repeat of the 1st appointment. I take responsibility for all my work and look forward to seeing the healed results. 

Old Ink Disclosure

If you have discolored ink such as blue or red and require removal or color correction it is important to understand that this is corrective work. Some colors used will not be the color that you desire. For example, we correct blue colored brows with an orange corrective pigment. There are no guarantees as to how many sessions of removal or cover ups are needed to achieve your individual expectations. Our goal here with coverups is to bring a more natural look with balanced symmetry. Oftentimes removals may be recommended prior to any color correction. 

Getting you Satisfied 

This is a progressive art and most times the desired results are achieved within 2 sessions depending on current situation, style, and skin type. If additional sessions are needed it is considered a touchup fee. Thank you for your trust in me and following my well developed process. At all your touch ups we review photos of our progress and identify our next steps. Techniques, needles, and shades of pigment used may change to meet our target based on the results from the first session. I look forward to maintaining your brows for years to come. 

If there is ever an area that needs to be adjusted on your brows it is extremely simple to get service. Book an appointment and we will address the area and adjust it. Simple fixes that are done in 30 minutes are discounted and considered an adjustment fee.