Microblading is now Nano

Microblading is now Nano

Nanoblading has replaced microblading and is the modern approach to creating hyper realistic brows. Nanoblading is less invasive and more suitable to most skin types when compared to microblading. It creates ultra fine hairstrokes with a machine, leaving brows looking flawless without compromising the integrity of the skin. In the last decade, the microblading technique has become an outdated practice as artists have the choice of creating hairstrokes with extremely thin nanoblades, machine strokes, and pixelated strokes also called soft stroke. No longer are we cutting into your skin. PMU continues to evolve as does the tattoo industry in which artists are focused on creating a hyper realism effect. Brows by Liah, also Liah’s Loft proudly sits at the helm of this hyper realism movement in PMU and traditional tattoos. 

Many that have gotten microblading in the past decade now see their brows as being oversaturated in faded ink in which the hairstrokes are no longer visible. It’s incredibly important to understand that hairstrokes are created with the absence of ink. Spaces in between in the hairstrokes are needed to create the illusion of hair. Poor training and “overblading” can result in harsh looking brows that have been filled with ink. The brows become static and are unable to change without a removal. It is this that the development of nanoblading has become an important development in the modern PMU industry.

Even with the advancement of nanoblading, hairstrokes may not be the best technique for all. Those with old discolored ink especially blue or red and, or large oily pores may not retain crisp hairstrokes. Tattoo corrections and large oily pores are generally recommended the powder brow. 

Powder brows get their name because they resemble powdered makeup rather than hairstrokes and are performed with a technique called microshading. Powder brows are more durable against time, sun, oil, and face products and also fade more uniformly than hairstrokes. 

A combination brow is when hairstrokes and microshading is done together to create a more dynamic looking brow. This is a very popular style as it gives the brow a  more defined look with hairstrokes. During your appointment, the style is selected based on your desired look and skin type. 

For any tattoo correction, each option is explored including removal and it is stressed that hairstrokes on old tattoo ink is likely not recommended.  

It should also be noted that hyper realistic brows are likely to require touchup once to twice a year and depends on your oil production and your skin type as well as the products you use on your face. 

Touchups for existing clients are $69  to ensure that the brows are maintained.