This is likely my last training class and I’m so excited to add to my team. Artists will have the opportunity to continue working at the studio and  transition to my upcoming second location opening Spring of 2024. Big things are happening! When I was a teacher, I was just miserable not being in control of my day or financial success. Having a Masters degree in Education has made my training course for PMU/Tattoo unlike any other and will be a satisfying but challenging 6 months. I’ve made the tuition incredibly affordable and realistic. Here it is….

Payment Plans are $300 per month if the tuition is not paid in full. The first payment is your registration fee which is $450 unless you register before April 23rd. The discount you receive is $150 off only if you register and make your first payment before the 23rd.

Total Cost of Program : $1950 if registered after the 23rd or $1800 if registered before the 23rd

This includes training and the apprenticeship. This does not include the test fee for the health department $138 but does include a starter kit for practice.

This is a 6 figure industry and there are no additional discounts. Payments that are missed or late incur a $50 fee. I will be holding your hand throughout the entire licensing process and will be sharing all of my secrets to success. This program is by application only. If you are interested fill out this form and I will contact you within 24 hours. This class will fill as I’m limited by the Health Department as to how many apprentices I can have.

Become a Certified and Licensed Permanent Make-up / Tattoo Artist before 2024

Includes 3 powerful business building training events with guest speakers

No Prior Experience Necessary 

A background in esthetics or cosmetology to become licensed as a permanent make-up technician is not needed. This course will provide you with all the resources to start your new career or your own business.

 History & Theory
Design and Mapping Methods
Shaping & Patterns Philosophy
Products & Tools
Color Theory
Client Consultation
Medical Contraindications
Skin Types
Infectious Control Plan
Licensing Requirements for Southern Nevada Health Department


              Permanent make up artists are required to complete a 6 month apprenticeship under a licensed artist. Brows by Liah, is licensed and permitted with the Southern Nevada Health District. The 6 month apprenticeship was developed to fit a busy lifestyle. You are able to work at your pace through our online activities and live stream procedures. We also allow you to earn while you learn. Students are able to bring in their own models and use our studio during and after training.