Hyaluron Pen This is it….

The Hyaluron Pen-Wrinkles, Lips and Biorevitalization

This is it ladies! I’m so incredibly excited about this device. The hyaluron pen is a game changer. Brows by Liah is a proud, certified hyaluron pen technician and I’ve already changed many lives with this amazing device. The hyaluron pen uses the same technology as an epi pen. It has a spring and a micro-sized hole that uses air pressure to administer cosmetic drugs. The hyaluron pen can inject filler into lips, fine lines, and wrinkles without the need to traumatize skin with a needle. It’s almost painless and feels like the snap of a rubber band. The filler used is hyaluronic acid and is the same filler that is used with needle injections. The hyaluron pen distributes filler in very small amounts across a greater surface area compared to needle injections. This distribution  yields longer results as the filler does not pool under the skin. For lips, clients do not leave with bruises or “duck lips”. Lip augmentation is just the beginning. Biorevitalization is also performed with the hyaluron pen. 



Biorevitalization is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for rejuvenation of skin tissues. Restoration of the natural level of hyaluronic acid. To do this, small doses of the drug are injected into the skin tissue, the basis of which is hyaluronic acid.

The result of the biorevitalization facial after

the procedure, the level of hyaluronic acid is restored in the tissues, and with it the hydrobalance of the skin. In addition, after the procedure increases the production of collagen and elastin fibers, which are responsible for the elasticity of the skin. Therefore, with the help of biorevitalization, you can “push” the inevitable aging process. This is a four step process. Results are immediate, but to achieve maximum results, 4 treatments are necessary. You are able to do 1 treatment a month. 


The hyaluron pen has been popular across Europe and is considered a European technique for well over a decade. Not just anyone can offer this service. This is considered body art as your skin is being broken. Although you do not need a medical license to operate this device, you do need to be licensed as a body artist. Body artist are licensed to do piercings, tattoos, and permanent makeup. Body artists are trained to maintain high standards in their working environment. As the hyaluron pen becomes more popular, it’s important to do your research and find a reputable service provider that not only is experienced with the hyaluron pen but operates a safe environment. Consumers are able to purchase the hyaluron pen and products themselves but it is very difficult to give yourself injections as it is like an airgun and you need resistance to hold your skin taut. It can be extremely difficult to hold the gun and your skin at the same time. The hyaluron pen does have a kick to it and it can be extremely painful if you have incorrect settings. Considering the difficulty and training/experience involved, the hyaluron pen is not designed for home use. Your hyaluron pen artist should have extensive training and should be certified by a reputable company. Results are guaranteed to last anywhere to 9 to 12 months. Med spas in the Las Vegas Valley and Los Angeles area are offering hyaluron pen services at $650 and above per session. Being an independent artist and business owner, I can offer the hyaluron pen services at a fraction of the price. Always check my specials. 


Brows by Liah has extensive expertise with the hyaluron pen and has yielded beautiful results that have clients coming back for addition services with the hyaluron pen. If you have specific questions, please reach out via email Liah@BrowsbyLiah.com 

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