The Healing Process

Its important to understand the healing process when your eyebrows are microbladed. When you leave the salon, your brows look amazing. Unfortunately, the color and density of the strokes will change. Sometimes as much as 40% of the strokes will disappear. Strokes may also shrink. The color will also darken and then lighten as you progress through the healing process. Artist or technicians must advise their clients and prepare them for the changes that may occur. Scabbing may occur and in some cases will pull off the pigment. During the touch up procedure, missing patches or adjustments can be made. Clients may feel remorseful of their decision if they are not aware of the temporary changes in color. Often, clients may complain that their brows are too dark. After the brows lighten as you near the end of the healing process, the true shade can be seen of the pigment. Clients can request that the shade be darkened at the touch up procedure. During the healing process, the aftercare process must followed. The brows cannot get wet and ointment must be applied twice a day for the first 2 days at least. Below is a progression of the healing process.

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